January 2015

Rich People - Wealthy People Think Different

10 Ways Wealthy People Think Differently

Rich People Think Poverty is the Root of Evil Rich people think that poverty is the root of all evil. Therefore, they will do whatever is necessary to avoid poverty. That includes spending money on top employees to manage their assets besides working all the time themselves. They see the world as a small place […]

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The 10 Hippest Cities People are Moving To

Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta houses numerous influential companies. It offers jobs to the majority of the population, which makes it ideal for networking and creating professional relations. Atlanta has a relatively low cost of living and provides both great day and nightlife to its residents. Tampa and Sarasota, Fla. Tampa is quite an expensive city to […]

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11 Bizarre Traffic Laws You Won’t Believe Are True

Most traffic laws make a lot of sense, as they are designed to promote safety and common sense behind the wheel in general. However, there are some traffic laws on the books that may cause some drivers to scratch their heads. Seeing Is Believing It is technically illegal to drive in Alabama while blindfolded. The […]

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Common Strategies for Planning Your Retirement Income – Answers …

Retirement planning is vital to ensuring that not only your retirement years are paid for, but you also have emergency health issues covered as well. Planning retirement should ideally begin in your early 30s. There are some people that do not begin retirement planning until they are nearing retirement and realize they are vastly unprepared. […]

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