6 Tips for Empty-Nester’s Trying to Sell Their Home

Research and Develop a Strategy

Home sellers have the ability to develop strategies for common obstacles they face. Information available from appraisers and county assessors about local trends in home values and real estate sales help sellers set competitive selling prices. Creating a marketing plan for a home also helps by outlining strategies to attract buyers like open house raffles, free food or advertising.

Get Rid of Stuff

Get rid of family sized furniture and cars that only remind you of your child?s absence. Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, yard sales, flea markets and used furniture liquidators are excellent sources to get rid of belongings. This money allows you to buy items that fit your new lifestyle. The newer pieces impress buyers during home tours.

Sell Home Before Buying New One

Selling a home before buying a new one is important for more reasons than a larger budget. The experience of selling your home gives you valuable knowledge during the buying process that can save thousands of dollars. Selling your old home also helps you avoid selling multiple homes simultaneously if you hate your new home.

Use the Internet

The internet helps empty-nester?s sell their homes by increasing the size of their market. Many potential buyers live in other cities and rely on internet sources for home searching. Zillow, eBay, Auction.com and even Craigslist have sections for selling real estate. Site like eBay allow sellers to place reserves. Reserves require a buyer meet a minimum price to win the auction.

Plan Monthly Expenses

Planning monthly expenses help empty-nesters avoid losing money on their home sale. If sellers find themselves in a financial bind, then they are likely to accept undesirable price offers on their home. Planning monthly expenses is difficult for homeowners because of the timeline’s uncertainty. Planning for the worst-case scenario based on local real estate trends helps avoid these pitfalls.

Look for Locations of New Home

Looking for new home locations help shape budgets and uplift sellers. Selling real estate is a headache, and location browsing uplifts sellers by reminding them of their reward. Knowing the living costs of the next location also affects the price of a current home for sale. A homeowner who knows his next location is very cheap has less reason to object slightly lower offers on his home.

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