9 Flicks That Totally Make You Want to Retire in Sunny Florida …

Florida has become a major hotspot for retirees, and one reason for that may be the beautiful scenery and fun-filled activities represented in the movies filmed there. From lush green golf courses to white sandy beaches, the Sunshine State has everything a person needs to enjoy his or her golden years.

'In Her Shoes'

‘In Her Shoes’

Although ‘In Her Shoes’ is a fairly emotional movie about two sisters and their relationship with each other and their other family members, its setting is enough to make you want to drop everything and run to the beach. It takes place in Deerfield Beach, a small city between West Palm Beach and Miami. One of the sisters moves there to live with her retired grandmother.



You know a movie based on Florida-based writer Carl Hiaasen’s novel ‘Hoot’ that has a soundtrack created by Jimmy Buffett is going to have a beautiful setting that makes you want to head to the Sunshine State. Much of the filming took place in Boca Grande on Gasparilla Island and in the Fort Lauderdale area. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina struck during filming, but you would never know by looking at the lush, green palm trees and sparkling blue ocean.

'Where the Boys Are'

‘Where the Boys Are’

The 1960 film ‘Where the Boys Are’ starring Connie Francis is a fun spring break-type film that takes place in Fort Lauderdale. The lighthearted plot alone is enough to make current retirees long for their youth and a Florida home where they can go grow old with the loves of their lives or even meet someone new.

'Boynton Beach Club'

‘Boynton Beach Club’

Single retirees will love the 2005 romantic comedy ‘Boynton Beach Club.’ Starring Brenda Vaccaro and Dyan Cannon as two women who want to start dating again after losing their husbands, the film takes place in the real Boynton Beach. The writer based it on her mother’s life as a Florida retiree.

'Cross Creek'

‘Cross Creek’

If you have ever dreamed of moving to a small Florida town and buying an orange grove, you may want to watch ‘Cross Creek’ starring Mary Steenburgen. Based on the life of author Marjorie Rawlings, the movie takes place in the secluded city of Cross Creek, a historic, secluded town that many people say is nothing like the hustle and bustle found in much of the state.

'Doc Hollywood'

‘Doc Hollywood’

‘Doc Hollywood’ tells the story of a doctor played by Michael J. Fox who must put his glamorous life on hold while stopping in a small town. The filming took place in a little city in North Florida called Micanopy, which is a delightful place packed with antique shops, cafes, and historic homes. Imagine spending your golden years in such a beautiful place.

'Great Expectations'

‘Great Expectations’

A film based on a Charles Dickens book may not seem like a movie that makes you want to retire to Florida, but the modern-day version of ‘Great Expectations’ might do the trick, especially the parts filmed on Captiva Island. Of course, it features the richest woman in the state and her home, which looks more like a royal palace. So, unless you plan to retire as a billionaire, this one might require a little imagination.



‘Caddyshack’ is another movie that, at first glance, may not make you want to run right out and retire to Florida. However, when you find out that much of the movie took place on Boca Raton’s beautiful golf courses, it might. Anyone who plans to spend their retirement years swinging golf clubs may have a change of heart.

'Sunshine State'

‘Sunshine State’

A film called ‘Sunshine State’ seems pretty obvious. After all, it gets its name straight from the state. Filmed on Amelia Island and in Jacksonville, it tells the story of a woman who moves back to her small, coastal hometown to deal with family matters and the development that threatens the area. Naturally, it features a pristine setting that anyone would want to retire to.

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